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What Is A Website Audit

A website audit is like a checkup for your website. It’s a way to look at your site, see how it’s doing, find problems, and figure out how to make it work better and earn more revenue. An individualized SEO website audit service by CubixCrew an SEO Agency in Bangladesh is a complete evaluation of how well your website is working. We start by having a conversation with you to understand your website goals, then we do a free SEO Audit to check your website’s overall conditions and we check the SEO history and competitor analysis. We focus on what improvements you want to make to your website’s performance through our technical and local SEO services.

We are CubixCrew | seo website audit service in bangladesh

Why You Need Website Audit Services In Bangladesh

All Websites are not equal, they can be quite different. Some stay the same for years and are unchanged, some use content management systems that aren’t good for SEO, and some aren’t designed with the best user experience in mind. This is why a website audit is essential. It helps pinpoint problems, gives you a plan to fix them, and offers maintenance options that suit your specific needs. For e-commerce websites, it is necessary to do eCommerce SEO audits regularly for better performance.

We are CubixCrew | Providing SEO Analysis

Uncovers Website Problems Through CubixCrew SEO Website Audit Service

Are you wondering why your website isn’t attracting more visitors from search engines and converting them into customers? Discover the causes behind this issue and receive a strategy to enhance your website’s performance with the help of the CubixCrew website audit service agency.
Our SEO audits uncover the problems on your website that are holding it back from performing well in online searches. Our skilled team uses top-notch SEO tools to find areas where your site can improve and move up in search results. Contact us now to get an SEO audit report to fix the issues & start capturing more traffic and revenue.

We are CubixCrew | Providing SEO Analysis

What We Provide

At CubixCrew, we offer custom site audits. We provide a detailed report that grades your website’s SEO performance, including on-page SEO audits and off-page factors like backlinks, social media presence, performance, and security. Based on our evaluation, we give your website an overall grade and offer recommendations for improvement.
You’ll also receive top-priority, easy-to-act-on advice from our Professional SEO experts. We’ll break down the issues we discover section by section and provide clear solutions. 

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Technical SEO Audit Service in BD

Want to boost your website’s performance and climb the search engine ranks? Look no further than our Technical SEO Audit Services tailored for Bangladesh. Our experts conduct a meticulous review, identifying technical aspects that impact your site’s visibility and user experience. From analyzing website speed and mobile-friendliness to optimizing meta tags and ensuring proper indexing, we cover it all. Our aim? To enhance your website’s technical foundation, helping you attract more visitors and achieve higher rankings in search results. Elevate your online presence and thrive in the digital landscape with our specialized Technical SEO Audit Service in Bangladesh.

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Expert SEO Audit Services Include SEO Services In Dhaka

When it comes to improving your website’s performance, SEO Audit Services are a game-changer. These services offer a deep dive into your website’s health, identifying areas for improvement. But they go beyond diagnostics. SEO Audit Services also include a range of essential SEO strategies. They optimize keywords, enhance content, fix technical issues, and evaluate backlinks. By integrating these services, you’re ensuring that your website not only complies with SEO standards but also climbs the ranks in search engine results. It’s a smart investment in propelling your website toward sustainable growth and online visibility.

We are CubixCrew | seo website audit service in bangladesh

What's Inside CubixCrew's Comprehensive SEO Audit Services?

SEO isn’t only about looks; it’s about outcomes like generating more traffic and revenue. That’s why CubixCrew a Digital Marketing, SEO, and Website Audit Service Agency focuses on giving you important suggestions that help you start earning from online searches more quickly.
Here are some of our SEO auditing service options:

Local SEO audit

We kick off your SEO review by focusing on technical aspects. This includes checking and improving elements like title tags, and meta descriptions, addressing duplicate content, and avoiding excessive keyword usage, among other issues. In addition to identifying these problems, CubixCrew will also give you suggestions on how to resolve them.

Off-Page SEO

With our SEO audit, you'll get a comparison of your site's reputation to your top competitors. We'll look at your backlinks in terms of quality, anchor text, placement, relevance, and quantity. But here's the twist - we won't just say "Get more links." Instead, we'll provide a plan to attract valuable links from trusted industry sites.

Technical SEO Audit

If your website isn't showing up in search results due to errors, our SEO expert will find and fix them as part of our audit. We'll address technical issues like .htaccess, Robots.txt, Sitemap, HTTP headers, 404 errors, and page speed. Our team can quickly resolve these problems, helping your site get indexed on Google and Bing for better search results.

Content Optimization

We carefully examine your content to make it better for SEO. This involves studying your competitors and researching keywords to find any gaps in your content. Our aim is to suggest new content that's optimized for SEO and produces good results. You can rely on us to understand what works and how to boost your rankings, increase clicks, and generate more sales.

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Our comprehensive services provide everything you need, eliminating the need to fill skill gaps in SEO, copywriting, and development. You'll have access to our in-house team's expertise, allowing you to move swiftly and see the benefits of local SEO sooner.

Audit Report

Our SEO report dive deep into your website, then serve up a report chock-full of easy-to-follow tips for boosting your online visibility and climbing those search engine rankings. Ready to rocket your website to the top. It all begins right here with CubixCrew's SEO audit report services. Prepare to dominate the online world and leave your competitors in the dust!

How We Calculate Pricing For Your Website Audit As An SEO Company

We’ll start by discussing your business goals to understand your short and long-term objectives. This helps us create an SEO audit plan that matches your aims. Then, we’ll thoroughly examine your market, including your competitors in both business and search, to determine the best approach. Finally, we’ll review your strategic goals. Whether it’s increasing content production or launching new products, we’ll develop a plan that aligns with your overall strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website audit services are like check-ups for your website. They look at how it’s doing, how it looks, and if it’s safe. They also see how easily people can use it and find it on search engines. The goal is to give you advice on how to make your website better, so people have a nicer time using it, and your business looks good online. It’s a way to keep your website healthy and easy to use.
CubixCrew audits a company website by evaluating its technical performance, SEO strategy, content quality, user-friendliness, and security. They also compare it to competitors. After the assessment, they provide recommendations for improvements, which may include technical fixes and content updates. Depending on the agreement, they may assist with implementation, and in some cases, offer ongoing monitoring to ensure the website maintains optimal performance.
When you hire our team of website audit service agency, it brings several benefits. They help find and fix technical, SEO, and user-friendliness problems, making your website work better and show up higher in search results. Website audits also make your site more secure, improve the quality of your content, and help you compete better. This means you can make smarter decisions based on data, increase the number of people who buy from your site, and avoid costly issues. Regular audits, done as part of a regular checkup for your website, keep it in good shape, and having a well-optimized site makes your brand look trustworthy and successful online.
It’s depends on its size and how busy it is. If your site is smaller, once a year is okay. If it changes a lot or has lots of visitors, you might want to check it every six months. Big or very important websites should get checked every three months or even all the time to make sure they’re always working well and staying safe. Adjust how often you check based on what’s best for your website and how fast things change in your industry.